Why do you need Building expert witness

Why do you need Building expert witness

Having a building expert witness is advisable. You have someone to report defects, errors, and non-compliant building works. These reports are used as evidence when a building dispute is brought before a court of law. The information contained in a building expert witness report can help the court reach a sound decision.

Here are three scenarios where you can need an expert witness:

  • A breach of contract lawsuit that involves construction cost and performance.
  • A construction accident leading to a wrongful death claim.
  • An appeal for permit denial.

Other reasons include:

Preparation of claims

Construction firms experts have considerable experience in preparing and defending claims and reporting on the merits of claims prepared by the client or other parties. Building expert witness, Anchorage, undertakes delay analysis for extension of time applications when required as part of the claim process.


Payment issues are rife in the construction industry, and the contract terms relating to payment, including notices, set-offs, and deductions in most forms of contract, can be complex. Compliance, though, is often necessary to preserve rights. Our consult firm provides advice on numerous standard forms of contract and payment beneficial to your project.

Timely and strategic advice

Timely contractual, commercial and strategic advice benefits both the pre and post-contract stages of a project. We provide advice on proposed contract documents and the diversity of issues that can arise during the design and construction of projects using experienced, legally qualified personnel as necessary. Timely notification of claims is an important and standard requirement of most forms of contract to preserve rights.


As leading experts in arbitration,building construction expert witness Alaska helps settle disputes between different parties involved. Hence, the settlement of investment disputes can be especially useful for your project team and contractors.

Building expert witness report

Apart from relevant data like tests and investigation reports and cost estimates; a building expert witness report should adhere to the following:

The report should not be influenced by the party-appointed or paid the expert witness to give evidence.

Expert witnesses are discouraged from receiving payments to influence the evidence contingent on the case’s outcome.

An expert witness should provide a well-drafted and unbiased report that states the facts and must not omit relevant data.

From architectural design to project management for commercial, industrial, healthcare, and residential projects, our expert witnesses are available for your court cases.


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