Challenges in Construction Project Management

Construction project management is the practice of managing projects. Like every other construction management service, it has its own issues. Project management like Residential construction projects management and Residential construction project planning, Alaska also undergoes these issues. Challenges faced during construction project management 1. Communication and document management The risk involved in poor communication is…

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Construction Project and Management Tools

commercial construction

Construction management is a significant part of project construction. The construction manager carries out different types of projects including Commercial construction project planning. There are varieties of construction projects. Types of Construction project 1. Private project This is owned by an individual. It is commissioned and controlled by an individual. 2. Commercial project This includes…

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Expert witness building construction Bidding Process Alaska

expert witness

The project owner gets the initial plan across to an architect. Once the owner has the materials for the project, he picks a contract through bidding. The contractor then provides payment statements and an estimated cost. Bidding also occurs in Construction inspection services and Expert witness building construction, Alaska. There are two types of bids…

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